About the Store

Al-Awlama House for Publishing and Distribution is a Kuwaiti publishing house established in December 2019 with the aim of adding to literature with everything that is new to it, and in any place of the six continents on this globe.. Hence the name of the house came in line with its vision of positive cultural globalization, of rapprochement between Peoples by communicating with the tongue of art.

In order for us to do this, we must rely on quality, not quantity..But if we can make quality meet quantity, then this is our highest aspiration, and we will thus have reached our goal, through non-recurring literary production that pumps into the veins of the reader whose hands are clinging to the book.

That is, we guide him to whoever invents beauty and does not recycle it, as it does not add anything to a previously existing beauty that already exists on its own, and because beauty alone defeats the ugliness of this world, and because beauty is the globalization that we seek, then let us globalize beauty.